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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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of attacking, by vesting in the Crown the nomination of the Chancellor. This piece (which I think one of my best) was seized at the printer's and suppressed.
One night in the beginning of November, 1749, as I was returning from Holland House by moonlight, about ten at night, I was attacked by two highwaymen in Hyde Park, and the pistol of one of them going off accidentally, razed the skin under my eye, left some marks of shot on my face, and stunned me. The ball went through the top of the chariot, and if I had sat an inch nearer to the left side, must have gone through my head.
January llth, 1751, I moved the Address to the Bang, on his Speech at the opening of the Session.
March 20th, 1751, died my eldest brother Robert, Earl of Orford.
About this time I began to write my Memoirs. At first, I only intended to write the history of one year.
About the same time happened a great family quarrel. My friend Mr. Chute had engaged Miss Nicoll, a most rich heiress, to run away from her guardians, who had used her very ill; and he proposed to marry her to my nephew, Lord Orford, who refused her, though she had above 150,0002. I wrote a particular account of the whole transaction. In this year, too, I imitated a fable of Fontaine, called Tlie Funeral of the Lioness.
In 1752 I was appointed by Sir Hans Sloane's will one of his trustees.
Feb. 8th, 1753, was published a paper I had written in a periodical work, called the World, published by E. Moore. I wrote eight more numbers, besides two that were not printed then; and one containing a character of Mr. Fox, which I had written some years before.
This year I published  a fine edition  of Six Poems of Mr. Gray, with Prints from Designs of Mr. E. Beniley.